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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve set the parameters to show before and after labels. Why these do not show up in the slider?

A: Labels are not available when “move on hover” feature enabled. Overlay with labels is shown only when mouse hover the view and the handle is not moving. When move on hover enabled handle is always moving, so labels won’t be shown.


Q: Why the viewer is not displaying fully, only showing the top 15px of the first image?

If your website load viewer via AJAX, you need to enable AJAX support within our plugin. Please check the Documentation or contact us using “Contact Author” button below for detailed instructions. If you are sure there is no AJAX used on your website, then it might some JavaScript error or conflict.


Q: The images look blurry. What could be the reason?

When adding images to the content in WordPress there is an option to choose the image size. Usually it is Medium, Large and Full you need to choose Full. To change already added images go to edit post screen, click on the image, then click Edit icon, then set size to Full and click Update.

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