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WordPress Facebook Shortcode

facebook-shortcodeAdd your Facebook Page Like Box to any post or page in your WordPress blog. Easy create and customize WordPress Facebook Shortcode using parameters listed below.


[sfp-page-plugin url=http://www.facebook.com/your-page-name]


  • url – any Fan Page URL (not your personal page!)
  • width – number (min 180, max 500)
  • height – number (min 70)
  • hide_covertrue or false
  • show_facepiletrue or false
  • small_headertrue or false
  • timelinetrue or false
  • eventstrue or false
  • messagestrue or false
  • locale – valid language code (e.g. en_US or es_MX) see .csv file with all Facebook locales


Facebook Shortcode Examples


This is how Page Plugin (formerly Like Box) will look if you set only your Facebook Page URL.

[sfp-page-plugin url=http://www.facebook.com/your-page]

Show Stream and No Faces

If you want Page Plugin showing posts stream you need to use it next way:

[sfp-page-plugin timeline=true show_facepile=false height=300]


Show Events and Messages tabs

If you want Page Plugin to show tabs for Events and Message together with timeline.

[sfp-page-plugin timeline=true events=true messages=true]


Only Messages tab

If you want only Messages tag need to use this example:

[sfp-page-plugin messages=true]


No Cover Photo

If you don’t want Page Plugin to show cover photo use example below.

[sfp-page-plugin hide_cover=true]

Hide everything and make small

If you want only Like Button then you need to use this example:

[sfp-page-plugin timeline=false show_facepile=false hide_cover=true small_header=true]


Get Simple Facebook Plugin

Free Download .ZIP Go to WordPress.org