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wordpress facebook widget

WordPress Facebook Widget

Adding Facebook Page Plugin (formerly Like Box) to your WordPress blog never been so easy. You can add Facebook Page Plugin Widget to any Sidebar in your WordPress theme just in 4 simple steps.


  1. In WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Drag SFP – Facebook Page Plugin into your sidebar.
  3. Enter your Facebook Page URL (not your personal page URL!).
  4. Choose color scheme, size and other options you like.

Combine different options and find the best solution for your site. Now you can hide Facebook Page Plugin border, just uncheck ‘Show Border’ option on widget setting and vuala!



Get Simple Facebook Plugin

Free Download .ZIP Go to WordPress.org



  1. Rob van de wetering

    This is the easiest plugin I found, I don’t like all the faces, just like us and the amount of likes we have. Great plugin, easy to install and adjust. Thanks!

  2. William Fracheboud

    Dear support,
    I face some trouble to setup width and height value to get the widget responsive. Any advice ? Any CSS code to apply ? For the time being, values are 0 and 372, respectively for width and height. You may find it on coo 4 of the page trailer or in the default sidebar (top bar menu option Actualités), below categories widget.
    Thank you
    best regards,

      • William Fracheboud

        Hi Ilia, I havent noticed the add-on. I just installed and now its activated. Question. With “responsive” option enabled, height value should be specified anyway, true ? If yes is there a rule to avoid faces being cropped.

        • Ilya K.

          Sorry, but there is no way to avoid faces being cropped at the moment. We are working on this, and you will receive email with updated version of Responsive Add-on when it will be released.

  3. asif

    Can you help me to manipulate the css? I need to change the color of ” * people like” from black to white. I have tried to change it through custom CSS but it didn’t work.
    Please help me.

    • Ilya K.

      Hi Asif,
      There is no way to change anything inside Facebook Like Box, because this is an iframe. Your CSS won’t work. You can only choose “light” or “dark” color scheme.



    The SFP plugin seems to have some display problems with the native twenty fourteen wp theme. Cań´t get faces or border on ipad or iphone.

    • Ilya K.

      Hi Pascal!

      There is no faces, because you have only 1 like at the moment. Try to get more likes and let us know if problem still there.

    • Ilya K.

      Hi Warren,
      You can use this CSS example in your theme style.css or other appropriate css file.
      .sfp-container { padding-top: 10px; }

  5. Jane

    I am using this shortcode on my site and it’s working just fine[ sfp-like-box stream=false header=false faces=false] however, I have a dark background on my footer. How can I change the font to white since I cannot see the number? Thanks

    • Ilya K.

      Hi Jane,
      Please, add ‘colorscheme=dark’ parameter to your shortcode.