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Easiest Facebook WordPress Plugin Ever

Simple Facebook Plugin is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to integrate Facebook “Page Plugin”, new Facebook social plugin that replace the old Facebook “Like Box”. Add it to your WordPress website using Widgets or Shortcodes.

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WordPress Facebook Widget

wordpress facebook widget
Adding  Facebook “Page Plugin” (formerly Like Box) to your WordPress blog never been so easy. You can add Facebook Page Plugin Widget to any Sidebar in your WordPress theme. Click button below to learn more.

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WordPress Facebook Shortcode

facebook-shortcodeAdd Facebook “Page Plugin” (formerly Like Box) to any post or page in your WordPress blog. Easy create and customize WordPress Facebook Shortcodes. Click button below to learn more and see a lot of examples.

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  1. Bimbling

    Having followed the installation and activation instructions faithfully, after all they are not complex, I can get a box to display on the blog, but it contains the message “There was an error fetching the like box for the specified page” What am I doing wrong?

    Where the set-up asks for the Facebook website address I enter “http://www.facebook.com/Bimbling”

  2. Rick

    I use this shortcode –> [sfp-like-box url=http://www.facebook.com/myfanpage stream=true header=false faces=true], but nothing is displayed.. What am I missing?

    • admin

      I have tested this exactly shortcode and it’s working fine. You can create topic here and we will solve this problem.

  3. Tunz Master

    I have a black background on my webpage……..the “light” color scheme is not quite light enough, how can I change the color of “1,042 like this” to more of a white color or much lighter grey? thank you for any help, DINO

    • admin

      Unfortunately there are only two color schemes that provided by facebook: light and dark. You can’t change the colors.

  4. Nick

    Nice plugin, but I can’t easily any of the CSS at all, that’s dumbbbb!

    • admin

      I’m afraid you cannot control the presentation of the Like Box, because it is an iframe. It’s a completely different HTML document, so your CSS rules will have no effect on it.
      Changing CSS was possible with Facebook Fan Box (replaced with Like Box for over two years ago), so you can use this plugin that still use Fan Box.

  5. Tom Shott

    Hi. Great plugin. Thanks for making it so easy. Just one small question.. Right now I have only 2 likes for my Facebook page. On my web site their faces are being displayed twice.. Any thoughts. I checked my FB page and they are just one time likes…
    Thanks Tom..

    • admin

      Hi Tom, I think this problem is on the Facebook side. But I am sure that you will have a lot more likes on your page in nearest feature and that problem will disappear.

    • admin

      I have tested widget with your URL and its working fine. Can you describe your problem in more details?

  6. nic

    Hi, it is a great plugin. Can i just check is there anyany to default the background of the plugin to be white? Mine is place at the bottom of the page and the border is in Red so the plugin is all in red. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi, please add the line of code below to your theme css file (in most cases this is ‘style.css’)

      .fb-like-box { background: #fff; }

  7. tony

    When I am not logged into a facebook account, the plugin doesn’t show anything. Any help is appreciated

    • Ilya K.

      I believe this problem is on Facebook side, not plugin. Can you give me the address of your page? Maybe it will be clear for me when I see it.


  8. Derek

    how can i change the size of the faces to medium or small??

      • fraser peek

        awesome that will be great how will we know when its sorted?

        • fraser peek

          is also doesnt work on safari – both on os x 10.8.3

  9. Alex

    Hi, thanks for the widget. Im trying to stream a group and its posts by members (it is an open group.)Is this possible?

  10. fraser peek

    the pge permissions are not set to anything… ( i still cant get my sfp to work in safari or firefox )
    could it be a conflict with my wp template or other plugins??

    • Ilya K.

      Hi, I almost sure you have page permissions, or maybe Facebook add them automatically regarding to your content.
      Try to open your page when you are logged out from Facebook. If you do this Facebook will not show it and will ask to log in.
      To be sure you can log in to your Facebook in Chrome and go to your site to see if Like Box is showing.

  11. Damien

    I can’t get the facebook link to work. does it work if the facebook page is a group, I have used it with my own …/DFXBRISBANE but it does not work with …/groups/squidstheatricalinc/ any ideas, cheers Damo

  12. Fred


    The shortcode works great, however i was trying to display the facebook plugin within a 2 column “Social Media” media section, and when i apply my “2 columns ” shortcode that comes with the theme, it breaks your facebook plugin… is there a way around this? here is how its written:


    [sfp-like-box url=http://www.facebook.com/lakebonavistaca width=390 height=645 colorscheme=light stream=true header=ture]



    [twitter-feed username=”LakeBonavistaCA” id=”349194531540963328″ mode=”feed” width=450][/column2_last]

    • Ilya K.

      Hi, as I see in Chrome and Firefox Like Box looking fine on your site. Did you do something to fix it?

      • Fred

        No, My work around was to put the twitter widget inside a column, but i still want to know if there is a way to make this responsive.

  13. Ann

    Looks great and easy to use. However, can’t make it show up (Chrome). Is this because my page is a closed group?

    • Ilya K.

      Hi, You are trying to show like box for a group and not for a page. Facebook Like Box only working with Facebook pages. You can read about the difference here.

  14. Fabio

    Hi Ilya,
    first of all nice job! Just a small issue. I checked in the widget options “faces” and “stream”: the stream is ok, but the faces are not shown. What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks, have a nice day.

  15. Fabio

    Ok, I just figured it out. I had to leave blank the field height! Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Ilya K.

      Hi! Yes, if the height is too small faces won’t be shown.

  16. Maggie

    Hi there.just discovered your plug-in and it’s exactly what we need… except it does not work in Firefox. Works fine in Chrome and Safari. Permissions in FB are set to “everyone” for country and age. I have tried it both logged in and logged out of FB and can’t get it to work in Firefox. Could you please let me know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks so much,

    • Ilya K.

      Hi Maggie,

      Maybe you have Javascipt turned off in your Firefox. Bevcause I have tested it in my Firefox and your Like Box is there.

      • Maggie

        Hi there, thanks so much for the response. Yes, Java is turned off. Really great looking plug-in, thank you so much!

  17. DeWayne

    FB Timeline photos are no longer displaying. They were when I first installed this plugin. Could you please take a look? Widget is located in the center of my homepage. To see the photos that did post, you’ll have to scroll down to around July 6th.

    Thank you

    • Ilya K.

      Hi DeWayne,

      I think it is on Facebook side, maybe this some new privacy policy. They change it frequently. I will take a look and get back to you.

  18. Annelie

    Great and simple plugin!
    Is there anyway to make the box fullwidth, thinking it can adjust on a responsive page?
    Kind regards

    • Ilya K.

      There no way for this in the moment. Stay tuned for the next release.

  19. paris.thai

    Since updating to WordPress 3.7, the plugin appears in Internet Explorer and Chrome but it no longer appears on Mozilla and Safari …

    • Ilya K.

      Have you loggedin to Facebook on Mozilla and Safari? If not, please login and let me know if plugin still not appear.

        • Sean Cain

          I’ve had this problem as well. The box simply disappeared during the last week in Firefox.

          • Sean Cain

            My site is at … I don’t know what to do. Both WP and my professional theme are fully updated.

          • Sean Cain

            I also have another site at … Same problem. The box literally disappeared, and that’s in all browsers except Explorer.

          • Ilya K.

            I have checked both your sites in all my browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera. Like box showing as needed.
            Can you check your sites from other computer?

  20. ed

    I’m sorry. Plugin stopped working in Google Chrome. Probably after the upgrade. works fine in other browsers

    • Ilya K.

      Hi! I see it normal in Chrome and in other browsers as well when open your site. This can be some facebook side issue.

      • Sean Cain

        Yes, I have, and the results are the same. It works on Chrome and Explorer, but not Firefox or Safari.

        • Ilya K.

          Will check with facebook and let you know if there is something we can do. Thanks!

          • Sean Cain

            Hi, Ilya. Did you find out anything from Facebook? It’s still not working on Firefox and Safari. Thanks.

          • Ilya K.

            Sorry, I have nothing so far. Can you try to use other plugins, and let me know what the result?

    • Ilya K.

      Hi jane!
      Please, try to add this to your CSS.
      .fb-like-box { float: right }
      It should work.

  21. Gabriel

    Hi, great plugin! i used this plugin for 4 months but now doesn’t work. Could you take a look? Thank you very much.

  22. Jane

    Hello-I checked our facebook page and we don’t have any country or age restrictions however, I am still having this issue:

    1) I would like the Like Box to appear on the website regardless of whether I am logged into Facebook.
    2) Sometimes it does not show on Chrome

    I would like to purchase the plugin but first I would like to know what’s causing this? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  23. Kasper

    Is it possible to change the text “Find us on Facebook” to “Find me on Facebook”?

    Great plugin btw 😀

    • Ilya K.

      Hi Kasper,

      No, there is no way to do that. This text is added by Facebook and not by the plugin. Facebook didn’t make it possible.

  24. Peter

    When I activate the plugin it works great in the sidebar – but puts a second very large block of text immediately beneath the header in the canvas theme – I have a screensnap if this helps. The “official” Facebook plugin does the same