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Q: Why the animation doesn’t start loading, the counter stops at 0%?

A: Make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. No JavaScript errors on your webpage. No duplicate jQuery scripts loaded on your webpage.


Q: Why the view is playing too fast when I try drag or play the view.

A: It may seem too fast if you add only few pictures. We recommend at least 36 images (one image per 10 degrees) for smooth animation. See 360 Viewer Animation Speed example page. Since v1.3 you can control spin speed by changing “interval” parameter.


Q: Can I have multiple 360° views on one page?

You can put as many views as you want using shortcodes.


Q: Why it does not work when I use it as product image on WooCommerce?

Your WooCommerce theme may override default image hook. Please contact us via this page for further support.

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